The Secrets of a Memory (English Edition)

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«How far would you be willing to go to save your life…?»
«Hidden secrets that…, perhaps, you never dared to tell…»
«For fear, for modesty…»
«For the pain of remembering a love…»

The secrets of Alicia’s story, a ninety-year old woman who lives in Charleston (United States) with her granddaughter Caly, will come to light when an outsider arrives in her city. The foreigner is Marc Bosch, a lawyer, hired to look for her. She will have to testify in the Last Great Trial to be held in Brussels within a month, and in which the mother of his client (gloomy Elena) will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, perpetrated during Second World War.

What the old lady will confess in that trial, will unveil the inhuman existence of a Jewish woman in wartime and her struggling to survive, clinging to any circumstances, jeopardizing her femininity because of the dark interest that seemed to have on her Elena, the wife of the prison’s chief commander where the Jewish woman was confined. She was willing to survive at any price.

In the present, Caly, Alicia’s granddaughter, is suddenly caught between her grandmother’s duty to testify, and a devastating attraction arose by the famous and attractive writer Gael Brown, son of the defendant and staunch fighter of his mother’s innocence.

The writer proposes passion and suspense with this great story. 

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